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Cooking in my kitchen with me
In the past years I have realized how important it is to cook genuine and healthy food and using km 0 ingredients. I am happy to show my guests how we Italians cook. Only simple and authentic recipes. You will be welcomed in our home, in our kitchen, you will be treated as a friend and I'll give you an apron, a wooden board and a rolling pin and we will make tagliatelle from scratch, we will prepare bread, we will bake cakes and make focaccia.
Everything will be handmade with love and passion. T
A new way of being a tourist: learning to cook as a true Italian!

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my cookbooks
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Above: my great-grandmother handwritten cookbook

Below: my own Cookbook with recipes handed down to me from my great-grandmother Doralice, my grandmother Alda, my mother Gabriella and my own recipes.

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Here my 5 cookbooks sold on Amazon with original recipes from 4 generations in my family, traditional recipes from my region, Lombardy, and my own recipes.

My cookbooks
my 5 cookbooks
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