About Anna, Jacques and Alex

We are an Italian-French family, we got married in 1990 and ever since family is everything for us. 

We have put our love and passion in our B & B since 1997, when we started, and we are totally dedicated to it.

Making our guests happy and taking care of them is our great pleasure!
Anna , Jacques and Alex


Jacques is 57 years old, is French and Italian as well since September 2004.

He served as an Officer in the French Army before moving back to Italy
with Anna in 1993.

Anna is Italian and she is 57 years old as well. She used to be a professional interpreter and translator in English, French, and Spanish.

In 1997 they started this fantastic adventure: opening a B&B and having the entire world in their home.

Alex is 24 years old, he is bilingual in Italian and French and loves English.

He also loves entertaining the young guests who come to Villa San Pietro and he graduated in English and Spanish Literature and Translation at Trento University in March 2018. He is now attending University in Brescia and finishing his M.A. in English and French translation, literature and publishing.