The reasons to book with a small B&B like ours

For many years, we have been seen by our competitors and friends as "weird" because we have never accepted being on Booking. com or Airbnb. We chose not to be for many reasons: mainly because of personal interaction with the guests and safety of knowing who was coming. You may not believe it, but I have never been wrong judging the guests who were to come. From the very first exchange of emails and now of Facebook private messages, I understand. I understand who is the person who is coming into our home. Jacques and I have personalized our business from the beginning; we have never been interested in a "hotel" style work, we have always wished to interact with our guests and live with them an experience of an Italian holiday with authentic food and wine, some bike tours with Jacques and some cooking with me. Nothing extraordinary. But absolutely genuine and authentic. At present, there is a huge reason to work as we do: SAFETY for ourselves and our guests.

Reason n 1: we know who is coming into our home, we will know if they are fine and in good health. As well as they will know we are all fine and in good health.

Reason n 2: we only have 4 rooms so social distancing is really feasible, absolutely impracticable in big structures. I even have two living rooms if I had to use two different rooms

Reason n 3: Jacques and I have managed these almost 2 months of total isolation absolutely fine. My mom who is 80 is in great health and we have been following any strict rule. As I said, I could go out once in a while to shop, but I don't need it because Jacques goes and that would be only an excuse. I don't like excuses!

Reason n 4: we don't have to do any special cleaning because we have never had any suspect case, our establishment is closed since November.

Reason n 5: we will put a special disinfectant hand gel in each room and in each common space and we will tell you where to go and how to go - we want you to feel safe in your visits. Until it is recommended, I will encourage my guests to use face masks while they go out and if it is requested, of course they will do it. In Italy they are talking about using them in the future to go out as a precaution and I totally agree.

Reason n 6: Jacques and I will use special disinfectant to clean all rooms and surfaces in the future, not only now. So you will feel more secure.

Reason n° 7: for the time being, I will show you how to make tagliatelle etc using gloves and a mask if you feel more comfortable.

Reason n° 8 I have always used strict hygiene rules in my kitchen, I always take UK exams for hygiene and food safety. Reason n 9: we are not waiting to read the requirements , we are thinking, creating our own safety rules and we will be more than ready when we will be allowed to re-open.

Reason n 10: please don't misunderstand me, I am not talking for my personal interest but I highly believe life needs to go on, we have been doing whatever was necessary and personally, I think I have done more than that to keep myself and my family safe. I have never taken a short way or an excuse, I have strictly followed all rules and updated my guests.

I have never changed my attitude and I still believe that if it weren't for the political speculation of the politicians of my Region, things would have been much less difficult and we would not have experienced such a tragedy. Because I read journalists I trust, I take the liberty of saying this, in fact there is an article on Corriere della Sera by the absolutely reliable and amazing Milena Gabanelli - who years ago was even asked if she accepted to have her name among those to become President of our Republic - that says exactly what I have been saying. Italy is a great Country ruined by some politicians who speculate and don't do justice to the immense potential we have, but because I strongly think everything happens for a reason, I feel this is the time many things will change for the better.

And to sum up all of this up, let's have fun and enjoy the beauty of a walk in our unspoilt countryside, along the lake or in the Piazza drinking a spritz and eating some nice aperitivi.

Jacques and I will do our part and we have decided we will offer a truly Italian party in our new wine tasting room with lots of laughter, rustic homemade food and wine and have even crea

ted a music corner so we will be able to dance under the from the 80's only!

Let's have fun and celebrate life, it is too short to waste any second... I will not waste any!

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