Re-opening June 15th 2020 according to the Rules

I am very proud of saying that what we thought we would do when guests start coming back is exactly what the Lombardy guidelines prescribe. We have received them this morning and our plan guidelines were 💯 % accurate. The Lombardy region prescribes : 1. Social distancing of 1 metre between guests in common spaces 2. Information about the virus and how to deal with it will be available in English at our home 3. Hand gel in common spaces, we will put one in each room. Guests have to use them when they arrive and any time they leave. They may like to use gloves but we think gel is better in our establishment 4. Face masks are mandatory in common spaces 5. Other requirements in the guidelines don't concern us but hotels. As you can see, from day 1, my major concern has been to preserve my family health and my future guests. I will trust my guests when I will ask if they had corona virus and if they are in good health. You will understand my position. We will do everything possible to keep everything clean and disinfected. Air conditioning filters are checked and disinfected. It's a small establishment of 4 rooms and when guests come back, it will be safer here than in big hotels. We are open from mid June when all borders are open. From June 3rd, it's only European borders. We will wait the 15. We are at your disposal for any information. All prior bookings have been cancelled. We start from zero. We accept bookings only when our guests are sure they can drive or fly here. Should Lombardy guidelines change, it will be my immediate concern to advise you as I have constantly done. Thank you so much for your kind attention to this matter. Anna and Jacques