Getting ready for next holidays at Villa San Pietro B&B

On April 26th, our Prime Minister spoke as a responsible and cautious man.

Things have to be reopened with responsibility knowing that the future needs to be different.

Masks and social distancing will continue and the scientists will evaluate the trend of the infection in the months.

There will be a steady monitoring of the situation.

We have to learn to live in a different way, at least until a vaccine is discovered and we are all safe.

My personal opinion is very positive.

I dislike people who look at the short term in view of their personal interest.

It would have been easier and would have pleased more people to hear we are all free to do anything we wish.

But it would have been irresponsible.

And it would have compromised our two hard months of full lockdown.

Everyone should understand there are sacrifices to undertake and it will not be as it was.

If we think in the long run, if we plan our life and business in the long run, it will be hard at present but safer in the distance.

Please, don't follow those who recommend to open everything as quickly as possible.

Easy things don't last and are not worth!

I am a positive, optimistic and excited person, it's a blessing and it's my nature. You are born like that, you can't become.

It does not mean I am not cautious. I am more cautious and responsible than many others.

But I look at things in the long run and in perspective.

I don't speculate and I don't complain.

I will start promoting stays here as soon as I know they are allowed and flights can be booked.

I wish to reassure you that my priority is not these coming months, my priority is the next 15 years minimum.

I want to work until my health and brain allow me to do it.

I adore my job and my life.

That makes the difference!

Jacques and I worked hard in these 24 years to create this little "Italian experience" and we plan to work with trust and support from our friends and guests.

Trust needs to be achieved.

Support needs to be deserved.

This is what we have been doing in these months and we plan to continue until it is necessary.

In the meanwhile, we are preparing new spaces, new experiences, new opportunities for our guests.

The wine tasting and food pairing room is ready.

Jacques and Alex have started rearranging the garden by the pond and the gazebo. I will post pictures soon, it look gorgeous, more open and the view from the gazebo onto the pond is awesome.

Ps: social distancing is possible here! Look how big our spaces are...

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