Getting ready for next holiday!

One day, this isolation will be over.

We have been 100% self isolating since beginning of March 2020.

My mom, my son and I have never been out.

Jacques goes out once a week with a mask, glasses and gloves.

We pre-order our food at the local family store in the square, they are wonderful!

They prepare everything in bags, Jacques pays at the check out where the girl respects all levels of safety and he is out immediately after. No contacts with anyone.

It takes him really ten minutes to do the whole shopping.

We order our local fruit and vegetable at the local store and the owner delivers at home, we put the money in an envelope so that there is no exchange of any contact.

I have ordered also the pretty geraniums and they were delivered at home.

Today, I also ordered my Dolce Gusto coffee capsules and I should receive them tomorrow.

The envelope is ready on my table.

Can't live without my good coffee!

I am telling you all of this because I want you to know that we are doing everything to keep us healthy and safe.

Not only that, we clean and take good care of everything as we were expecting guests in the afternoon.

It is my own way of keeping our home ready, clean and beautiful; it does well to our body and to our soul.

I want also to think of the future.

For every week of holiday with us, we are thinking of offering you all a cozy and fun afternoon/evening with us in our new wine tasting room.

We think it will be the best way of celebrating us and our lives back to normal.

To be honest, I don't think our lives will be back to what they were, I think they will be much better because we will appreciate our lives much more.

At least, this is what I feel.

So, please remember, we are working hard to have everything ready for when all is over.

Jacques and I can't wait to welcome you all and offer you a fun, cozy and delightful evening in the new wine room.

See you soon,

Anna and Jacques

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