Chapter 20

The end of lockdown June 3rd 2020.

Today, after three months, lockdown in Italy, sees an end.

For two whole months, I have done a 100& lockdown at home.

Only Jacques would go out to pick up food I previously ordered on the phone in the small family run store in the square.

Never put a foot out of my home, and it was the correct choice for my mom's safety - she is 80 years old - and for our own.

But I always took into consideration that, if I kept my home clean and healthy, re-opening would have been easier.

As I have written in my almost weekly updates on Facebook for my guests' information, we have the privilege to have everything suitable for social distancing.

We can maintain the 7 feet distancing everywhere because our property is very large.

We have sanitizing gel, masks and gloves at our guests' disposal but the most important thing is that we have kept ourselves and our property healthy.

We have been closed since last November and we have not had anyone unhealthy here.

This is the final chapter of the blog of my life that I started at the beginning of lockdown.

I told myself to write the last chapter when lockdown would have been over.

Only May 4th, I had my first walk outside my property and only May 18th I could go outside my town and see my friends who kept themselves healthy as we have done.

From today, June 3rd 2020 we can go anywhere in Italy.

We have to respect social distancing and we have to wear masks outside.

I end my blog about my life today.

Lockdown has been an amazing opportunity to write blogs, study an online Literature course from Harvard, write and cook new recipes, think of new opportunities and make lots of new lovely and interesting friends on Facebook.

Life is an opportunity and it is a much bigger and more challenging opportunity in a tough period.

To be honest, my life never changed.

I am used to work and spend most of my time at home.

I missed work but I did work each single day.

I missed my friends but I kept in touch thanks to whatsapp and social media.

I missed my guests but have tried to work and develop my work as if it was "real work" with my guests.

I want to conclude this spontaneous and genuine story of my life until today thanking the people who helped me make it so well: my husband, my son and my mom, my lifetime friends and many Facebook friends who showed interest towards the person I am.

In the end, we can overcome any severe and hard time if we keep loyal to who we are, we love and allow the others to love us for what we honestly are.

I don't know when I will be able to welcome guests again because this depends on re-opening of borders and many other facts, but both Jacques and I are ready and will not stop our dream of bringing the world into our home to make them appreciate and love my Italian heritage, culture, history, food and wine and our own way of making you live an Italian experience.

Grazie a tutti!